SOXRight™ was developed for companies that are considering the adoption of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), but are concerned about the potential high cost of SOX compliance. Many early adopters of SOX were forced to rely heavily on expensive external resources to meet the mandated timetable. In addition, much of the detailed knowledge gained during the compliance process left with the consultants. To avoid these pitfalls, companies are looking for an alternative approach for SOX compliance that costs less to implement and develops self-sufficiency.

SOXRight™ is such an approach. By educating employees, identifying opportunities for improvement, and utilizing internal resources wherever possible, SOXRight™ creates value and self-sufficiency. This is accomplished by:

  • Providing an overall SOX framework and incorporating methodologies for compliance
  • Educating staff to apply the methodologies for all financial controls
  • Developing practical reporting mechanisms
  • Establishing ongoing control monitoring and maintenance
  • Using mostly internal resources to implement SOX over a reasonable timeframe but using external staff for overall project management and guidance

“After evaluating many competing options, including the use of Big 4 accounting firms, our executives and board of directors chose SOXRight™, a much lower cost approach for adopting Sarbanes-Oxley and one that positions our company for self- sufficiency now and well into the future.”

- Chief Financial Officer of a public mid-market property and casualty insurance company

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