SOX Training and Education for Your Employees

The fundamental basis for the SOXRight™ is employee education and understanding of internal controls over financial reporting. Our staff provides education sessions at your location and focus on two major topics:

  • Sarbanex-Oxley History and COSO methodologies
  • Design and Implementation Methodologies for staff that will participate in the evaluation, design and implementation of internal controls over financial reporting

To see a sample education session Click here

Although we have a standard set of training and educational programs, we always tailor the education and training to the needs of your organization and to the staff members that are trained and educated. For example, we would tailor education and training to the IT staff based upon the size of the IT organization and to the information systems and situation for that department.

One training area that is important to all staff that participate in the design and implementation of financial controls is process mapping. We have a simple yet effective training method for this important tool.

Process Mapping

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