SOXReady™ Assessment

Is Your Company Ready For Sarbanes-Oxley?

Is SOXRight™ Right For Your Company?

SOXReady™ provides a quick and cost-effective way to evaluate your company’s present control environment, and to gauge the level of effort that may be required to adopt Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) best practices. There are several varieties of SOXReady™ to choose from, ranging from a basic assessment of the control environment to a comprehensive assessment that jump-starts your full SOX implementation. Regardless of which SOXReady™ Assessment you choose, you will always receive:

  • A detailed State of Readiness Report, which includes many visual aids that quickly focus attention on improvement opportunities.

  • A Spreadsheet Use and Control Analysis, which typically identifies significant control weaknesses and opportunities for productivity improvement.

SOXReady™ is an important step towards adopting today’s best practices in corporate governance.

Comprehensive State of Readiness Reports are prepared using surveys, independent process review, and other diagnostic techniques. The reports focus attention on areas that need to be addressed, and include:

  • General internal controls assessment
  • Executive and staff awareness / readiness
  • General controls review of the information technology environment
  • Map of business processes underlying each major financial account — the foundation for planning SOX implementation
  • Analysis of spreadsheet use in financial accounting processes, along with recommendations for improving controls

Identification and Impact of Process Improvements helps identify short-term opportunities to improve efficiency, and help defray the costs of adopting SOX.



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